Green Steel

We take care about the environment

The Ferona Group behaves responsibly towards the environment in its business, and we consider environmental protection to be an important priority. We are committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment, to optimal energy management, and we are successful in this area.

01 Green Steel

In our business, we behave responsibly towards the environment and it is important to us to buy primarily from suppliers who successfully reduce negative effects on the environment. Preferably from those who follow the Green Steel strategy and certification.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Our Green Steel suppliers are actively involved in replacing fossil fuels in production of iron.

Zelená logistika

Green Logistics

Together with our suppliers, we try to introduce as many climate-neutral internal and external methods of transport and supply as possible.

Zelená energie

Green Efficiency

We use steel from suppliers who continuously strive to reduce the amount of resources and energy used in the production of iron.

02 Green with Our Customers

A number of our customers – large construction companies – are involved in the construction of so-called "green buildings" under various levels of LEED certification, where the buildings are evaluated from the point of view of their overall impact on the environment. These customers turn to us with requests for documents for this certification system of economical and long-term sustainable projects. We meet such requirements only thanks to cooperation with like-minded suppliers.

03 Greenery in Ferona

Greenery in Ferona makes up 35% of the total area of the grounds, where we have 1,500 trees that we take care of regularly, which we consider highly superior in the industry.

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04 We participate in eko-kom

Ferona actively participates in one of the largest environmental projects in the Czech Republic, the EKO-KOM packaging waste sorting and recycling system. We provide operation and maintenance of 10 colored containers for sorted waste (for paper, glass, plastics and beverage cartons). We have thus made waste sorting possible for 134 residents.

Period Packaging production fee Share in the overall reduction of greenhouse gas production Energy saving
2015 CZK 1,319,674 767.02 t CO2 17,246.35,GJ
2016 CZK 1,320,101 660.95 t CO2 14,931.78,GJ
2017 CZK 1,493,975 668.35 t CO2 15,635.09 GJ
2018 CZK 1,521,641 648.77 t CO2 15,207.55,GJ
2019 CZK 1,322,358 550.87 t CO2 12,882.08,GJ
2020 CZK 1,381,741 585.23 t CO2 13,883.88,GJ
2021 CZK 1,502,693 506.85 t CO2 12,251.76,GJ

05 We recycle

3,570 t
of packaging placed on the market or in circulation for 2021
2,707 t
of packaging waste was recovered and recycled for 2021

Our contribution to the overall reduction of greenhouse gases was 506.85 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, and 12 251.76 GJ of energy were saved. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by 238 medium-class passenger cars per year of their operation. Our energy savings represent 24 days of electricity consumption for public lighting in the capital city of Prague.

06 We Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Ferona measured its carbon footprint for the first time in 2021, broken down into direct and indirect emissions in Scope 1 to 3..

Scope 1
Emissions, CO2 equivalent
direct emissions of the company
500 t CO2 / year
Own and contract transport, cars, gas boilers, other (handling trucks, tractors, …)
Scope 2
Emissions, CO2 equivalent
indirect emissions consumed by the company, generated by the energy supplier
9 300 t CO2 / year
Electricity, district heat.
Scope 3
Emissions, CO2 equivalent
other indirect emissions, not included in Scope 2, generated by suppliers and customers
18 000 t CO2 / year
Delivery of goods to warehouses by the supplier's means of transport (wagons, trucks)

07 We save energy

Based on legislative obligations, Ferona has prepared an energy audit (using a certified energy auditor) for all its premises, including the company's registered office. From the conclusions and recommendations of energy audits, we gradually select the ones with the highest priority and implement them depending on the technical and investment demands within the routine maintenance of the premises or large planned investments.

In 10 years, Ferona has reduced its annual energy consumption by about 15%, i.e. by 7,000 GJ, which corresponds to the annual consumption of one large warehouse complex.

08 We digitize

One of the main priorities for the development of Ferona‘s internal structure is its digitisation. By digitising, we can aim for greater efficiency and thus reduce the consumption of natural resources to achieve Ferona business objectives. The first tangible change is the reduction in the amount of paper printed, which Ferona has already reduced by adopting a standard of double-sided printing wherever possible.

So far, in the field of digitalization:

Transport planning

Implementation of the transport planning system


Implementation of Ferona ONLINE ordering system

Optimization of administrative activities

Optimization of administrative activities in the Hradec Králové and Ostrava cutting centres

Digital management

Digital management of the production of cross-sections from euro carrier in the Steel Service Centre of Central Services Olomouc

In general, these projects have brought in their sub-areas of deployment a reduction in labour intensity, improved accessibility and facilitated information sharing, reduced errors and volume of printed documents, saved working time, accelerated transfer of information for transport planning and improved work with residues (reduction of waste).

09 We make logistics more efficient

A part of the vehicle fleet is annually replaced with the most modern vehicles of the corresponding environmental class. Drivers are provided with systematic training, which is the standard of Ferona’s logistics, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency. Division of transport between truck and rail transport. These are the basic steps leading to an environmentally friendly approach to transport within Ferona.

70% rail transport
Ferona used a total of 5 939 wagons to transport metallurgical material.
30% truck transport
In 2022, our truck transport traveled 2,522,361 km with average emissions of 663 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Average emissions (CO2 g/km) vs distance traveled truck transport

Average emissions of truck transport (CO2 g/km)

Period Average emissions of CO2 (g/km)
2017 669.6
2018 663.3
2019 669.1
2020 665.9
2021 675.4
2022 663.0

Distance traveled in km (truck transport)

Period Average emissions of CO2 (g/km)
2017 3,143,096
2018 3,143,096
2019 3,373,297
2020 3,210,648
2021 2,850,108
2022 2,522,361

In our efforts to behave responsibly and sustainably not only towards the environment, but also towards society, our more than 190 years of operation in the market helps us.

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